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Product Launch


Product Launch

Organizing a Product-Launch Event ? Determine Your Purpose !


You’re confident you have a great product that deserves a launch event. Now what?


Obviously, you’ll want your event to lead to a sales boost for your new product, but you need to decide exactly how you want to achieve that – and how your event will contribute to that outcome. “Understanding the must-have results will help you quantify the value you expect from the event, “Are you shooting for product distribution, media coverage, consumer awareness, sales, or influencer outreach?”


Once you know your end game, you can begin to invite your winning event team. There are three main types of events: trade events, media events, and consumer events.

“Whatever you do, don’t try to host one event for lots of different audiences,” “When it comes to launch events, one size does not fit all.”


Narrowing your purpose and your target audience will help you craft a consistent message to market and sell the event, right down to the invitations themselves. “The hard part is making sure the message is consistent, and then converting it into an experience,” . We at Company Event can help you have a succesfull product launch with our many years of experience in the business.


Get in touch with us about your future launch and lets get busy together to see it through to a succesfull and different launch which fits your product and target audience. Send mail for more info.

Send mail for more info